Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back to the boat, May 27, 2014

Back to the boat ( 5/27/14)

On 5/22/14 we left Dunedin.  Our truck was loaded with supplies, bicycles, dog food and treats, and my dulcimer and music.  After a long day of travel, we ended up in Orangeburg, SC for the night. The next day we stopped at the Blue Ridge Mountain Music Center for an afternoon concert, where we listened to local musicians in a jam session.  Although we could have stayed for a concert the next day, we decided we wanted to continue north.  Our second night was in a motel in Staunton, VA.  Day three (Saturday) we arrived in Syracuse, NY, less than an hour from our final destination of Brewerton. 
On Sunday morning we attended Blessed Sacrament Church (the same name as our parish in Morton, IL).  I was surprised that the 9:30 service at this large parish did not have a choir, only a cantor.  They did have an interpreter for the hearing impaired members of the congregation.  

 The weather here is very hot (88), unusual for this early in the season.  On the holiday weekend there were lots of boaters on the Erie Canal and on Oneida Lake, but by last evening, we were the only people here other than the boatyard owners. 
Boatyard owner's house-right behind our boat
Last night we ate a local outdoor restaurant on the canal and when we looked up, Jeff Stern and Lolly Lee (loopers from Ft. Myers, FL) were standing at the hostess station.  It was great catching up with them.  Lolly is a professional musician and had visited our dulcimer group a year and a half ago when she and Jeff and Tom and Patsy Conrad were in Dunedin.

 Today we stocked up on food which will last us the next month or so.  It’s always difficult to decide what is needed, especially since I do not love cooking and meal planning. 

 We are parked next to the 37 foot Nordic Tug, “Penny-wise”, owned by a very nice local couple.  It’s amazing how small our 34 foot boat looks in comparison. 

Yes, we're the one on the right.
Duke, last week before the haircut

Duke relaxing on the aft deck