Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Summary

We couldn’t let all of 2016 pass without a single blog entry.  Unfortunately, there was little cruising this year, just a few short local trips; Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, Caladesi Island.  Not to say we haven’t been on the boat a lot, we have completed several serious upgrades to Adagio.
Doubled AGM battery bank from 440 amp hours to 880.  This was achieved by changing from golf cart batteries to extended height GC Batteries.  Looking back, we would have done it differently, not using a battery box, just using battery hold downs.  Since the new batteries were also double the weight, over 100# each, we had to wrestle the batteries into the boxes, then slide the boxes into place where there were secured.
Replaced radar / antennae mast.  Just didn’t like the arrangement on the old mast.  Moved both 8-foot VHF antennae from mast location to pilothouse hand rails.  Moved wi-fi booster antenna from hand rails to mast.  Sold the old mast.
Replaced radar with Furuno NXT, still trying to sell the old radome.
Replaced KVH satellite antenna and DirecTV receiver, sold the older KVH units through AGLCA.
Upgraded the Battery Isolator from a 2-bank battery system to a 3-bank system.  This was to prepare for addition of Bow Thruster / Anchor Winch dedicated batteries which will be done spring 2017.  Sold the 2-bank isolator through MTOA.
Repaired freezer, the plastic housing over the evaporator broke several times last year.  Added auxiliary fan operated by manual switch.  This is attempt to improve air flow over the evaporator and reduce compressor locker temperature.  The fan will only be turned on when underway (it’s too noisy otherwise) on high temperature days.
Moved AIS box from helm to port side locker and modified some of the port side locker wiring circuits for the Auto Pilot.
Re-cabled most of the NMEA2000 system due to some intermittent display issues.  Installed a ActiSense NMEA2000-NMEA0183 Gateway into the system.  Also, experimented with the new iCommunicate Signal K box.
Replaced both 30-amp shore power inlets.  Both inlets were operating at too high a temperature, cleaning the terminals only helped marginally.  Would like to design temperature monitor system other than “by touch.”
Moved PC GPS antenna from loose in the pilothouse to mounted on the dummy stack topside.

Added Engine Raw Water Flow Alarm.  This gives me a chance to shut down the engine before temperature rise in case of no coolant water flow to engine; i.e. failed raw water impeller.

We are still working on cruising plans for 2017.  At least one of us wants to head up the east coast to Canada and the Great Lakes.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all.