Thursday, September 4, 2014

9/4/14 Heritage Harbor Marina to Starved Rock Marina.

At 5 a.m. we looked out the window, saw storms, and went back to bed.  The storms continued throughout the morning.  At 1230 we decided to go the 11 miles to Starved Rock Marina.  The weather had cleared, but it was very windy. 

Thanks Dad and Adagio made it in to the harbor, but Charis has a deeper draft and was relegated to the gas dock on the outside of Starved Rock Marina. 

When we arrived, Chuck and Margaret (Francesca) were on C Dock right behind our boat.  Chuck and I almost immediately got our musical instruments out for a jam session on the dock.  It was fun to see them again!

Dinner at the marina restaurant was good (fajitas were the special).  Tomorrow we are going to try for another early start (6am).  Peoria is 60 miles and one lock away.  We hope to arrive at the free dock where we will stay for the weekend before all of our looper friends take off.  At that time, we will head for the IVY Club.

9/3/14 Joliet to Heritage Harbor Marina Marina in Ottawa

The best description of today was hot, hot, hot!  There were 9 boats waiting to lock through at the last lock.  At each of the locks today, we were very lucky, waiting only about an hour.  Each time, a tow boat captain told the lockmaster to let the pleasure boats through first.  We were so grateful! 

Heritage Harbor Marina had a pool, but we went to the restaurant to cool off instead. 

Early to bed, so that Charis, Thanks Dad and Adagio could get an early (6am start).

9/2/14 Chicago to Joliet

The pictures say it all:

3 water taxis


approaching Navy Pier





locking through

leaving the lock
We, along with 8 other boats, tied up to the wall for the night in Joliet.

9/1/14 Chicago

The weather was not so good (rainy and windy) so we spent most of the day on the boat.  At 4:30 we joined Jeff and Lolly for cocktails on their boat in DuSable Harbor.  It was great seeing them again.  Tomorrow we will all be heading down river together.

After leaving Knot So Fast (Jeff and Lolly's boat) we headed for E dock (DuSable Marina) to meet several looper couples. 

Our plan tomorrow is to leave together for the first lock so that we arrive at the Amtrak Bridge after rush hour.