Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Orange Beach to Ft Walton Beach

11/6  We made it to Ft Walton Beach by 3:00pm without any bad weather, although it looked threatening behind us.  The new auto pilot worked well, but we are still not getting good reception from a distance with our radio.  After arriving at the downtown free dock, we walked through the adjacent park and shopping area.  In the slip next to us is Gemini, whom we met through Jenny and Jerry Reves the night we anchored on the Tennessee River. About 11:30 pm,  4 or 5 older teen boys, who sounded as if they had been drinking, came onto the dock right next to our boats.  They were up to no good and made several comments about the boats and they people who were on them.  Fortunately, Duke did not attract their attention by barking, and after about 10 minutes they left.  It was the first time I've felt unsafe on the whole trip.
11/7  We arose early for an early departure.  Today we were scheduled to go across Choctawahtchee Bay, a thirty mile open water area. After listening to the forecast and discussing it with Steve (Gemini), we decided to stay put since there is a high wind warning through tomorrow morning.  Better safe than sorry!  Two more boats came in today in the rough weather...Inconceivable and Glory Days.  We went to dinner at the local Italian restaurant with the crew from Gemini (Steve & Beth)  and Glory Days (Joe, Jim, Tom, Bob).  Nice time!

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