Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Croton on Hudson

We were placed on the pumpout dock on the outside of the marina because all of the dog-friendly slips were taken.  The pumpout is broken, so it should be quiet here. 

Because this is a dock-a-minium complex (very pricey condos, reportly selling for 1.2 million) and dogs are not allowed on the grounds, there is a separate dock for dog owners.  The dogs only have access to the adjacent public property.  What we do for our pets!
Half Moon Bay Condos

There are 10 looper boats here, so we had a dock party to get acquainted. Our friends Ann and Ken on Charis are here, too.   Most of the loopers have been here over a week because the locks on the Erie Canal are closed due to high water from recent storms.  All of the marinas north of here are also full loopers waiting for the canals to open.  No one is moving! We have a great view of the sunset since we are on the east side of the Hudson River).

I was awakened by Duke at 0250...he needed to go outside.  Because he was not feeling well, he jumped too quickly and fell in the water.  I was half asleep but called Ron and we got him up to the dock.  He needed to go out again at 0500...still sick.  This time he made it to the dock without the trip into the water!

We walked in to town (a few blocks) with Ken and Ann and had lunch at the wonderful gourmet food store. 

This evening, we received a notification that the Erie Canal is open...loopers will begin to move tomorrow.

Today we will visit West Point and have lunch at the Culinary Institute of America.  More later....

We scheduled an early lunch at the Apple Pie Bakery Cafe at the Culinary Institute of America because no reservation was needed

 This allowed us plenty of time to get to the tour at West Point.  Well, the best laid plans of mice and men do not always come to fruition.  Following a wonderful lunch (Ron had Mac and cheese, 1/2 of my BBQ pork sandwich, and 1/2 piece of apple pie.....I of course had the other 1/2) we set our GPS for West Point Academy.  After an extended period of time  as we approached the NY/NJ border, we knew we were too far south and checked the GPS again..  It was directing us to West Point Academy in GEORGIA, not West appoint Military Academy.  Instead, we toured Bear Mountain State Park and the lookout at the top.

Tomorrow we will go back to Hyde Park for a home tour, lunch at the French Restaurant (culinary institute) and the tour West Point MILITARY Academy:)

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