Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10/26/15-10-28/15 Kilkenny to Brunswick, GA

Our longest day on the water (73 miles) was from Kilkenny to Brunswick.  Did I mention that Georgia's ICW is very boring?  Winding through marshland on a gray, rainy day with no scenery is boring! Plus, the no-see-ums are out and biting! (We did see lots of dolphins, though)

We stopped in Brunswick Landing in 2012. Sherry, the dockmaster, gives the best directions of any marina staff we've encountered.  She is very specific on what is needed and where the slip is located.  In some marinas, it is a guess as to where the assigned slip is located.

The tides here are huge...8.5 feet.  You can see the difference on the ramp leading to shore.  At high tide, it is almost level, but at low tide it is an uphill hike!

Ben Affleck's new movie, "Live by Night" is being shot here next week.  False storefronts are being erected downtown to look like Ybor City, FL in the 1920s.  According to local folks, Ben is here in town, by we haven't seen him. 
Brunswick turned into 1920's Ybor City

All new construction

No caption needed
Ann and I found a really neat gift shop here and took some of the items with us for gifts and for ourselves.

We will be here two nights and then head for the FL border!  Home here I come.  Duke and I are getting off the boat in Jacksonville.  Ron will leave the boat and take us home in a rental car.  After some work is done on the boat, he will return and bring it the rest of the way to Dunedin with a friend.

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