Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alton to Kimmswick, MO to Kaskaskia Lock and Dam

Alton to Kimmswick MO (Hoppie’s Marina)
10/4/11 Departed from Alton at 0740 …no wait at either lock.  In the first lock was a kayaker….he started his trip 2 months ago in Minneapolis/St.Paul.  His destination was all the way down the Mississippi to New Orleans.  As we left the first lock, the Spirit of Peoria was Northbound. (small world)
 Downtown St. Louis had Coast Guard presence on the river.  Found out President Obama was coming to town.  The current was really strange…strong and coming from different directions.  Arrived at Hoppie’s at 1300.  Fern directed us to the proper place on the dock and invited us to an informational session at 1630.  Each day she conducts an informational session about the rivers from here to Green Turtle Bay.  We walked to Kimmswick (1 mile) and went through the quaint shops (similar to Galena or Washington).  Stopped in an old fashioned soda shop... 
 There are 7 boats here, and some very interesting people.  One couple from Sweden came across the Atlantic in their 36 ft sailboat (Sweden to Africa to Brazil). There are 2 couples from Minnesota (one is from Scotland originally).  Traveling with us are 2 retired anesthesiologists (one from Duke University and one from Birmingham).  Also on the dock is a couple from NY. The other group is from Chillicothe, IL. From here to Green Turtle Bay is 270 miles…no marinas/no services.  We will be traveling with a couple other boats.  Hope we can find a place that Duke can go to shore. 

10/5/11 Today we are heading for the Kaskaskia Lock and Dam wall to tie up for the night.  It is about 30 miles from here. We arrived at 1200 and were the first boat to tie up.  By 1730, there were 3 power boats and 2 sailboats on the Lock and Dam wall.  It’s very quiet here..pleasant to be off the Mississippi for an overnight.  Tomorrow we head for the Diversion channel and will have to anchor out.   The next day we go up the Ohio River.

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