Monday, October 3, 2011

Beginning the Loop from Peoria

This is the adventure of the USS, Adagio.  Assigned a 4 year tour of the Great Loop, the bold crew of Adagio explores the excitement of strange new waters, uncharted riverways, and interesting people. These are its voyages and adventures.

Captain's Log, Stardate 9/30/11
We left the IVY Club, our home port in Peoria, at out just ahead of a southbound barge.  There were 2 northbound barges waiting in the narrows.  At Peoria Lock and Dam, a northbound was just coming out with another northbound waiting, so the lockmaster let us and another pleasure craft through on the way down.  At Havana (1400) Duke decided he had to go ashore, so we pulled up to a new fixed dock with cleats and got stuck in the mud.  After allowing Duke some R & R, we put the boat in reverse, full throttle and were back in the channel.  Made our destination of Logston Barge Terminal at Beardstown.  It is just a barge where you tie up alongside...there was no power.  The owner charged us $34.00 ($1.00 per foot) but since we had no change, he gladly accepted $40.00.  Our mistake...ALWAYS HAVE CHANGE!  The stairs over the levee leading ashore were very steep grated metal steps.  Duke was terrified (see photo #1 and 2) 
10/1/11 Very cold on board this am (48 degrees)  Headed downriver to Hardin.  Lots of tugboats going both directcions.  No wait at LaGrange lock.  Arrived in Hardin at 1545 and pulled up to a small dock.  Every boat is charged the same here...$ at the restaurant.  We walked to town and found a church, but decided that we would not wait for the 9:30 am Sunday mass...we'd take a chance on finding a church in Alton. 
10/2  Awoke to dense fog and cold temps.  Decided to wait for the fog to lift...since it didn't, we headed for church.  After church the river was clear and we took off for Alton. Peaceful trip down.  Lots of houses on stilts. (see photo)  Entered the Mississippi River which seemed very tranquil.  Called our friends Ginger and Burl Beavers and they, along with John, Paige and Khalil...tooks us out for dinner.  Had a wonderful time visitng with them.  Duke loved Khalil (and I'm sure Duke dreamed about him last night). 
10/3  Took today off...did laundry and relaxed.  One of the people here at the marina offered us his car....we may take him up on that later.  The weather the next few days looks good!


  1. Thanks for including us in your distribution. What a great adventure. Watch for pirates! Arrr!

  2. By the way, post any pics you think might make good paintings!! I borrowed your light house pic for possible sketch.