Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bashi Creek to Mobile Bay

11/21 Bashi Creek to Little Lizard Creek (80 miles)
We were headed for Alabama River Cut (anchorage), but we checked the forecast Tuesday and found that fog and deteriorating weather conditions were predicted.  The fog was expected until 10am and then severe storms in the afternoon, so we pushed on until about 4:30pm--right before dark.  We wound back into Little Lizard Creek and looked for a place to anchor.  Most of the depths were 30-35 feet...way too deep for a good anchorage.  We finally found a spot with 15 foot depth.  The bottom was so soft it took several tries before the hook caught. 
(note:  The section below is "rated" PS for Pet Sensitive) So please use parental discretion if your pet frequently reads our blog.)
We've always been able to get Duke off the boat at least 2 times a day, but this anchorage was swampy and it was getting dark.  Alligators are known in these parts, so we didn't want to take any chances.  We encouraged Duke for 3 hours to use the stern of the boat, but he resisted and whimpered the whole 3 hours.  Fifteen hours after his last potty break, he finally could wait no longer...but the guilt on his face....Oh My!
11/22 Little Lizard Creek to Mobile Bay (Eastern Shore Marine).
( Still at Little Lizard Creek--There was no fog as predicted, so Ron put Duke in the dingy and rowed to shore thinking he'd keep Duke on the leash but stay in the boat.  Duke broke loose into the swampy ground pulling his leash behind.  Ron, who had not taken his shoes along, went treking after him---they both returned in good shape.

We were 20 miles from Mobile Bay and the weather held.  We had about 8 miles across the bay to the marina in 30 knot winds.  Salty Paws came along with us.  They are a 22 foot boat, so they got tossed around quite a bit.  We were docked before the storms came through.  Many of the loopers are here and plan to go to Vicki and Bob Riggs home for Thanksgiving.  They did the loop in 2008 and offer a place for the loopers to spend Thanksgiving.  We are out of the river system now and are beginning to deal with tides.  The tides here are small...only about two feet unless a storm from the north comes through.  Then the tides are greater. 
We wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you reading our blog!

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