Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Goose Pond to Chattanooga

10/31/11  Goose Pond to Anchorage ( mile 378.2 to 426)
Beautiful day on the water.  We arrived at Nickajack lock and had a wait of about an hour.  After locking through, we had only a couple of miles to the anchorage.

 Sweetgrass rafted up with some old friends, Steve and Beth on Gemini and Ron and I joined them for cocktails and a briefing on Chattanooga.  Steve and Beth had visited the city a few days before and had lots of good ideas about what to see and do. 

above photo courtesy of J Reves

11/1/11  Anchorage to Chattanooga  Mile 426-464.
FOG, FOG, FOG!  See photos.

 This area is called the Tennessee River Gorge and it lived up to its reputation.  I kept thinking of Claude Monet as we looked at the beautiful colors. 

Below is Lookout Mountain.

 We passed the Southern Belle, a riverboat.

  We also passed the Tennessee Aquarium catamaran with four CAT C-18 engines which at full speed, burns180 gallons per hour.

  Let's be thankful they slowed as they passed, and we didn't have to deal with their wake.  After tying up to the Marine Max city docks, we went out to dinner with the skippers and admirals from Ookpik, Salty Paws, Two Bears, and Sweetgrass and enjoyed barbeque at Sugars.  Each of us was carded (state law) and Cathy had no ID so she had water, not wine for dinner.

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