Monday, May 14, 2012

Brunswick, GA to Savannah

5/13/12  Brunswick to Sunbury Crab Co.
 Today was a 72 mile day.  Several sounds had to be crossed and it was very windy.  The first was St. Simons Sound.  It was very rough.  Next was Altamaha Sound and then Doboy Sound.  No other boats were around until we entered Sapello Sound.  A boat passed us close aboard on our starboard side giving us  a big wake.  We were already struggling to handle the rough water.  As soon as he passed us, he stopped.  We pulled back on the throttle, but he just sat there so we passed him slowly on his port side.  As soon as we passed, he hit the gas and nearly ran into our stern.  He crossed behind us very close aboard and then slowed down again.  Don't know what was going wouldn't have been a problem in calm water, but it was very rough. The greenhead flies hovered around the outside of the boat during our entire transit, and we were happy to be inside the boat.   Our last sound was St. Catherine's where we headed inland up the Medway River (5 miles) to the Sunbury Crab Co & Marina.  We had to wait out a rain storm before we were able to pull up to the outer dock.  The place was rustic but surprisingly good.  They had great fresh shrimp dinners and live music outdoors afterward.  Sam the Sax Man Hulett from Brunswick was terrific.  The people were very friendly.  Some locals came by and talked to us.  The waitress came out to meet Duke, and the restaurant owner, Elaine, chatted with us and gave us complimentary drinks.  Fun place!

We decided an early departure was a good idea so that we could avoid late afternoon storms.  We had hoped to dock in downtown Savannah, but after calling several marinas, we learned there were no slips available because a cruise ship was coming in.  As we made our last call, we passed the Isle of Hope Marina on the south side of Savannah, so we called them on the radio and they had room for us.  They also have a complimentary car which can be checked out for 2 hours, and bus service to downtown is available.  Severe storms arrived late afternoon , but we were safely docked by then.

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