Thursday, May 17, 2012


We arrived at Isle of Hope Marina on the south side of Savannah in a rainstorm.  After calling downtown Savannah for dockage at the city docks, we were told that no space was available because a cruise ship was coming in.   We quickly called Isle of Hope and got dockspace.
 This marina has very unusual docks. The inside docks are long and hold multiple boats which are parallel parked, but unlike most marinas, the fairway is very narrow, barely the width of a large boat.  According to some liveaboards, the dockhands move the boats in and out as needed, not the boat owners.  These same liveaboards. Pam and Dave from Drift Away, mentioned that they follow "Sweet Pea's" blog, and that a dog named Duke was mentioned.  They wondered if it was our Duke who was mentioned. It was.   
Small world! 

We headed for downtown Savannah on public transportation..  Due to the many stops, it took about 40 minutes, but the bus was airconditioned.  People on the bus were warm, friendly and helpful.  Several busriders said, "Are you visiting?  Welcome to Savannah!"  Public transportation in most cities is a vital resource for people in service jobs and for the poor.  I am awed by the kindness shown to us.  (We were wondering which restaurant to choose for dinner, and Barbara, the person next to us was wondering if she would have enough to eat before her next food stamps arrived. She had lost her food stamp voucher and was told she could not get a replacement this week.)  How fortunate we are compared to so many others.  We went to the visitors' center and got on The Old Savannah Trolley tour which took us throughout the city and through its many squares.  Beautiful, but hot and muggy.

Life imitates art?

 Lunch was at the riverfront at Huey's restaurant, which is famous for its (sp. Bignyets) which is a light batter fried and dredged in powered sugar.  Yummy.  After walking around, we caught the bus back to Isle of Hope Walmart where, due to impending storms, we called the marina for a ride  The staff at this marina was very rides, loaner cars, good dock help.

We sold our Illinois house today...the closing was this morning.  Everything was done for us electronically by the realtor (invaluable for us as we traveled).

Another couple from the marina joined us on the bus ride into Savannah today.  We spent a few hours walking around and having lunch and then caught the bus back.  After dinner on the boat, we did some grocery shopping.

We are staying one more night...when you pay for 3 nights at this marina, the 4th is free.  We caught up on laundry, cleaning, and cooking for an evening potluck under the covered dock.
Duke meets Olivia at the potluck.  (photo courtesy of Drift Away)
Enjoyable evening at Isle of Hope Marina (photo courtesy of Drift Away)
 It was good we stayed on the boat today.  There was a gunman downtown in the area we were yesterday.  He ran into The Olde Pink House and barracaded himself inside.  The area was blocked off and helicopters and swat teams prevented people and traffic from entering the area.  He was apprehended this afternoon.


Established as a retreat in the 19th century for the elite of Savannah, Isle of Hope provided a refuge from the intense heat and outbreaks of malaria prevalent throughout the summer months. Originally owned by Henry Parker, the land was divided into lots in the 1850s and 1860s. These were sold to prominent Savannah families who built palatial homes along the water. A small African American settlement in the district dates from after the Civil War when freed slaves from Wormsloe Plantation settled in the town. In 1871 a railroad was built connecting Savannah with Isle of Hope and by the early 20th century many residents were living in the town year-round. The historic district encompasses a large area extending back from the Skidaway River. Landscaped with old oak trees covered in Spanish moss, the houses range in style from Greek Revival, Victorian, and Neoclassical to Craftsman Bungalows. Many of the residences also have both formal and informal gardens.

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