Thursday, July 5, 2012

Solomons, MD

The water was calm after last night's storm, so we headed out for Solomons.  On the way, we passed a restricted area for military operations.  This was clearly listed on  the chart as an area to avoid.  There were several naval boats there.  After we passed the area, we heard the naval vessels on Channel 16 calling some boats...asking them to clear the area for active gunfire.  Then we saw several military planes flying low.  Glad we missed that excitement.

  We arrived at Zahniser Marina (Solomons) early afternooon after winding through many fields of crabpots.  Will crabpots never cease???  We called Ken Shanley, whom we'd met at the fall AGLCA Rendezvous.  His newly purchased boat, a custom built 42 foot Cape Dory, was in a nearby marina.  Dinner with Ken and Ann was at Zahniser's Dry Dock Restaurant.  We had fun getting to know Ann, a former business teacher from Florida.  Ken and Ann plan to start the loop next year.


We attended church at Our Lady Star of the Sea which has an amazing view of Back Creek and boats passing by.

  Zahniser's Marina, which is super, has a gorgeous pool, great laundry and super showers.  Instead of giving you a loaner car, they take you where you want to go.  Two other ladies and I went to the grocery store together.  For dinner, Ken and Ann invited us for shrimp and salad on their boat--delicious. 

Pool day.  We then went to the BBQ place with Ken and Ann for their crabcake special ($9.95 for a large crabcake and two side dishes).  Very reasonable since most places are charging $17 and up for crabcakes. 

Chores:  laundry, more groceries, cleaning and a haircut.  Ron discovered a 26 foot Nordic Tug in the paint shop and got the boat name, Canvasback.  It belonged to Elliot and Joan Kocen.  Ron called them and they invited us for drinks at the Solomons Yacht Club and then dinner at DiGiovani's.  They were gracious hosts and we had a great time.  Solomons Yacht Club limits membership to 200, but they have a waiting list of at least 60 people.  While on the waiting list, those prospective members are allowed to attend all parties and can use the club.  Great idea!

7/4/12  I've met the most interesting people on the loop.  The cleaning lady in the laundry/shower area mentioned that she had written two published books.  I asked about them and she went to the storage closet and pulled out copies....both religious books. She had an abundant supply just in case someone wanted to purchase them.

Temps were near 100 and the water temp on Back Creek was 87.  We spent some time cooling off in the pool, took a dinghy ride,  and then went with Ken and Ann to the local fireworks.
These people were on their way to the fireworks show...any means they could find to get there. Great fireworks show!

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