Thursday, July 5, 2012



After 90 miles on the Potomac, we pulled in to Tall Timbers Marina (17 miles from the opening to the Chesapeake).  This marina is on the Potomac's north side through a narrow entrance into a small open bay.  This is a mom and pop place and the docks are old, wooden and rickety. Hurricane Isabel had taken out their pool a few years back.  Since it was so hot, we decided to eat in the restaurant.  We met a couple from Holland who had sailed across the Atlantic 2 1/2 years ago to Venezuela and the Carribean and now the U.S.  They were anchored out in their 48 foot sailboat in the middle of the bay.  At 11:30pm, our boat started rocking violently and the wind was woke us up.  This was a  fast moving storm with 60+ mph  winds, lightning and thunder.  Channel 16 advised that everyone take shelter in a secure building.  We got the life jackets out and ready, but there was no way to safely exit the boat.  The waves were washing over the top of the dock and the wind was brutal.  Fortunately, we had 4 lines tied securely to the pilings. Duke and I hunkered down in the bow and waited for the storm to pass. Ron was vigilant and kept looking out at the lines. After 20 minutes, the water calmed down.  We kept looking at the bay to see if the sailboat had survived the storm,  but we couldn't see a thing.  The next morning we hailed them on the radio....they said it had been a very rough night, but they were OK.  This same storm affected DC.....3 million people without power.  Two people were killed in Virginia.  BAD STORM!  The worst we've ever encountered.  The dock the next morning...minus some boards.

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