Friday, June 29, 2012

8 Days in DC

Capitol City Yacht Club:  can't say enough good things about it.  It's within walking distance to everything.  At $2.00 per foot, it was more reasonable than a downtown hotel, parking fees, etc.  The facilities---great!  They had 5 new washers and dryers ($1.50 per load), very nice shower rooms with soap & shampoo dispensers, a hair dryer, and a separate makeup area, much like the IVY Club.  The staff, from Debbie in the office, to Robb at the bar and Kelvin the dock master, bent over backwards to accommodate us.

  Many of the members were prominent DC citizens.  We met one congressman from NYC.  One evening at the bar, we struck up a conversation with a couple.  We discussed boats, travels, etc.  Since they were both retired, I asked what type of work he had done.  Paul was a retired 4 star Admiral in charge of the entire Atlantic fleet!  WOW!  They were a very nice couple.

The flight path to the White House goes right up the river and over our boat.  Flights of various helicopters follow the same route. (low and loud)

The Sights

1.    Tour of the White House – we left the boat at 6:15 AM and walked 1 ½ miles to the White House for our 7:30 AM tour.  After 3 security checkpoints, we proceeded on the self-guided tour of the following: Library, Vermeil Room, China Room Diplomatic Reception Room, East Room, Green Room, Blue Room, and the State Dining Room (my favorite.)  We just missed seeing the first dog, “Bo”, who was returning from his outdoor walk.  The couple just in front of us saw him.
2.    American History Museum--Ron loved it.  You really need more than a day to see it all.

3.    National Gallery of Art-- after our initial visit, I went back two additional times.  My favorite gallery was that of the French Impressionists.

4.    Natural History Museum--we saw the Hope Diamond and many other famous gems; the Wildlife photography was fantastic....and we were allowed to take pictures!

5.    Tour of the National Mall Monuments--Jefferson, FDR, (skipped Lincoln-- too hot and too many steps, and we'd both been there before) MLKing, Korean War, Vietnam Nam, WWII.

6.    Capitol Tour--thanks to Representative Aaron Schock (Illinois 18th District) we saw the White House and the Capitol.  The Capitol is amazing (history, artwork Brumidi corridors, sculptures)!    We sat in on a House argument on loan guarantees.  Our tour guide/intern Eric, from NJ, had been on the job for only 2 weeks.  He is a Poly Sci major from Cornell. 
7.  Botanical Gardens

8.    June 28th--the Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare was read at 10:00 am.  We arrived outside the Supreme Court Bldg. shortly afterward and saw the proponents and opponents in a rally.  Michelle Bachman was at the microphone.  Later in the day, Congress announced that Eric Holder, Atty. General, was charged with Contempt of Congress.  What a historic day to be in DC!


After a wonderful week in DC, we headed back down the Potomac.  Temperatures are predicted to be near 100 degrees.  We can run the AC with the generator while underway....we may need it today.

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