Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yorktown to Deltaville, VA

We stayed at the Yorktown County dock for convenience to free shuttles, but this dock is subject to winds and currents. Two evenings, sea spray went completely over the docks for hours on end. We both found Yorktown (both the state and national park sites) to be very interesting. Due to the rough weather conditions, we were stuck in port until the 16th, but we had several trip highlights. Peggy and Denny Tresenriter, friends from Illinois, posted on Facebook that they were in Williamsburg, so we called and met them for dinner at Gloucester and had a good time catching up on news.

Ron, Jan, Denny, Peggy

The 14th, there was a music festival on the shore near our boat, and on the 15th, we saw a submarine going down river, not far from where we were docked. According to a local tour guide, the subs go up river for ammunition and provisions before heading back out.

Ron finally got to see a sub...close up
Which one is General Washington?

  6/16/12 We finally got a break in the weather. Seas were predicted to be 3 feet (average wave height) and we had checked the marine weather and three buoys with real time wave info. At 0630, we headed out to the Chesapeake and knew right away that reported wave/ wind conditions were inaccurate. Winds were out of the northeast, so at least we we're getting pounded on the bow or quartering off the bough. We think waves were at least 5 or 6 feet (average). We would ride to the top of the wave crest and then the boat would drop (SPLAT) to the bottom of the trough. It sounded as if every weld would come apart. This went on for 6 hours and we had to tack several times to keep the waves on our nose or our stern. When the waves hit the stern, we actually surfed and the speed would pick up from 6 to 12 mph. This was the roughest ride we've had in this boat....and Adagio was still in good shape when we pulled in to Deltaville's Dozier's Regatta Point Marina.

 The grounds and clubhouse are very nice...laundry, showers, pool, and loaner car ( a 1970's Buick Stationwagon big enough for a family of 12). The windows and AC didn't work, but it got us to the grocery store and back. 6/17/12. Many boaters pulled out today after they had spent a week waiting for a weather window. The marina had a special breakfast for boaters (Grandma's peach French toast).

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