Monday, June 25, 2012

Up the Potomac

6/18/12. We left for the Potomac on pancake flat water. God is good! The river is wide and deep, and our ride was uneventful to St. Patrick Creek, Maryland (Colton's Marina). There was plenty of water for a boat with 4 foot draft. We were happy to be "up a creek" in a protected area since there was a small craft advisory for this area from 6pm to 6 am.

6/19/12 Waters were calm as we headed for Tim's River House. Along the way we saw a large brown skate (ray) along side our boat, too quick for a camera shot. As we passed Quantico and got closer to Tim's, we realized that this would not work as an overnight dockage....their dock projects way out into the river and you have to dinghy in for dinner. So we continued on toward Alexandria. We chose a marina on the Maryland side because it was 1/2 the cost. This marina had a shallow creek entry and limited amenities, but it was ok for one night.

6/20/12 We jumped across the river to Alexandria, Va for one day so that we could see Carol Oberle Hora....a good friend who recently moved here from Colorado. Her husband Mike works for the postal service union. Very hot here...99 degrees. We had a late lunch with Carol and had dinner at an Italian restaurant on King St. Lots of tourists on the dock and on King St. There is a free trolley between the waterfront and the Metro. Easy to get to DC if you wanted.

6/21/12 We went from Alexandria to Capital Yacht Club in DC (20 minutes by boat). It was already 90 degrees at 10:00am. This marina is convenient to everything, either walking or biking. And the Metro is only 1/2 mile away. For people with dogs, there is little nearby grass. Duke is terrified of the city noises, especially garbage trucks and buses. One boat on our dock has its own pool....yes...a baby pool floating on the water next to their boat.

. Lost track of the number of helicopter flyovers here at CYC. POTUS (we're guessing) had to be in one of them one time or another. We were told they fly in a group of three to keep you guessing.

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