Friday, August 3, 2012

Cuttyhunk to Nantucket

We arrived at Cuttyhunk after a nice smooth ride on the water.  Cuttyhunk is the opposite of the frenzied, touristy area of Block Island.  It is a quiet harbor and tourists are limited to those on mooring balls and a few tied to a dock or anchored.  We went ashored with Judy, Warren, Sue and Bob.  After climbing to the highest point on the island, we were able to see a panoramic view of the entire area (20 miles out).  It was a perfectly clear day.  The few shops in Cuttyhunk are in little sheds or on front porches. A small grocery store stocks essentials.  All in all, a perfect day. 

Twelve of us climbed up a hill to the Cuttyhunk Fishing Club for a casual breakfast on the porch.

  CFC is also a bed and breakfast. 

Sue and Bob (on Simone) are returning home today and we will miss them! 

 They were great companions on the journey.  Our destination today is New Bedford, only 15 miles away.  Clouds and storms are predicted for tonight.    We took Duke ashore via the dinghy in New Bedford.  Not a real clean area--lots of trash lying about.  A rainy mist started in the afternoon which lead to a steady rain through the night.  Everyone stayed aboard their vessels on the moorings due to the weather. 

After stopping at the commercial dock for fuel, we headed for Marion, MA.  When we arrived in Marion, it was a nice day.  The many moorings here are filled with sailboats for the regatta which begins on Friday, but they found room for all of our tugs.  Judy, Warren (on Celebration), Ron, Duke and I walked in to town where the ladies did laundry. Everyone met again for cocktails on Nordic Lady.  Some of our Nordic tug group have departed for other locations.  We contacted Joe Apicella, a looper from Falmouth, MA, whom we met on the gulf coast. In order to visit with Joe and his wife Pat, we decided to leave our Nordic Tug group earlier than planned.  We will join Joe and Pat in Nantucket for two days.
The friendships we developed on this trip were wonderful.  We will miss all of the tug owners and hope they keep in touch. 

The 50 mile trip to Nantucket was perfect.  Calm with mild swells and no wind.  Storms are predicted for Sunday and Monday, so we will have to plan our route carefully.  Pat and Joe pulled into the next mooring about an hour after we arrived.  After spending some time walking around town, Ron and I had salads at a small outdoor restaurant and then went back to the boat.  Our mooring is a long way to the dinghy dock, so the trip in takes a while.  The mooring balls here are $70 per night.....very pricey!  The launch service is NOT FREE.  They charge $10.00 per person round trip from mooring to dock and back.  We'll just use our own transportation, thanks.  Dinners in town at some restaurants were a flat fee of $68.00.  Some were much higher.  We're eating on the boat!!  There are 5 huge personal yachts on the dock....over 200 feet long and 3 stories high.  Who are these people?

We caught a shuttle bus to Sciasconset on the other side of Nantucket.  The bus costs $2.00 for those under 65 and $1.00 if you are over 65.  We found a walkway behind some houses along the shore.  The hydrangeas are FABULOUS! 

After our lunch, we took the bus back to Nantucket. 

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