Tuesday, September 8, 2015

9/1/15-9/9/15 New Gretna

Taking advantage of family, that's what we do!  Fortunately for us, Denise (Ron's sister) and Brian welcome us, feed us, do our laundry, drive us places, and entertain us!  Did I mention feed us?

Every night we've had great meals.  Denise is a great cook and Brian is a great griller!

This was hot dog night

Ron and cousin Theresa

On Sunday (9/6), we drove to the other side of NJ ( Hamilton Twp) to Grounds for Sculpture.  In a botanical setting, over 270 sculptures are located around the grounds.  We had a beautiful sunny, hot day to browse.  Mid-afternoon, we stopped at one of the concession stands for ice cream.

On that way home, we stopped at a favorite Mexican Restaurant for dinner.

New bow sunshade added to Adagio

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