Sunday, September 27, 2015

9/23-9/27, 2015 St. Michaels, MD

Day after day we've waited for a change in the weather.  Tonight will be our 9th night at Higgins Marina, setting a record for or longest delay due to weather in our four years of cruising.  Yesterday, by far, was the windiest.  South of us, near Cape Charles, there were gale warnings (winds over 50 knots).
Some cruisers have come and gone here.  Yesterday a group of small boats came in from the Chester River.  They were young people who had already made reservations, so they weren't waiting for a change in weather. They pulled out this morning, probably to get home for work tomorrow.  Some very large 50+ foot boats left today, too.

We have been here so long that the marina gave us a discount!  In addition, one of the dock hands gave us a ride to church last night.  This has been a nice place to stay, even though their restroom facilities were not the best and there was no laundry available.

I even found a place to get a haircut, although it is not on the main street in town.  One of the marina staff recommended it. (Serendipity Salon & Spa, 112 Fremont St., 410.745.2525)  It is located on the street behind ACME Grocery Store. We've stocked up several times at the grocery store due to its convenient location.

Our plan for tomorrow is to leave at dawn and head for Crisfield (a 90 mile day).  Tuesday evening we hope to be in Cape Charles so that we can attend at least one day of the MTOA Rendezvous.

After that, if the weather allows us to cross Chesapeake Bay to Norfolk, we will catch us with Ken and Ann (Charis) and head south.

park near marina

 Maritime Museum

Clothing model photo shoot

Neat old houses
Nettles in the water

According to local stories, the British attacked St. Michaels, but the locals fooled them by placing lights high in the trees and extinguishing all of the lights in the houses,  When the British fired their cannons, they aimed too high and missed and the town was saved.  Only one cannonball hit a house and it rolled down the steps past a woman carrying her child.  No one was injured, though.

I've written some lyrics for our stay in St. Michaels.  Two years ago, while stuck in Kingston, NY, I wrote a song there, too.

St. Michaels 
to the tune of Farewell to Tarwaithe

We're still in St. Michaels
So what do I do
Kingston got a song
And so will you.

This is a good place
to hide from the wind
Eventually we hope
Bad weather will end.

We had planned on MTOA
But are stuck here in town
There's a lot to do here
So it won't get us down.

The museum is Ron's choice
But shopping is mine
But leaving St. Michaels
Would really be fine.

Farewell to St. Michaels
We reall liked you
But heading for home
Will be good for us, too.

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