Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Frankfort to Manistee to Grand Haven

After a lovely evening in Frankfort and a good night's sleep, we decided to do laundry.  However, the laundromat was closed on Sunday, so we headout back out on the Lake.  The prediction was 2-4 ft waves, but it turned out to be 1-3's.  We arrived in Manistee on Sunday afternoon and were given the perfect slip right in front of the NEW facilites, which included laundry and wonderful showers.  We walked about a 1/2 mile to a store and stocked up on needed items.  After dinner, we took a dingy ride.  Manistee is a quaint town with a river walk of 2 miles.  On Monday we left Manistee at 0800 for Whitehall.  1-3 ft waves were predicted, but it was a glassy sea most of the way. It was so nice, that Duke and I spent time on the bow taking in some sun.  It was a long day on the water.  Arrived in Whitehall at 1430.  Whitehall is 6 miles inland on a lake.  We have been using the Michigan Municipal Marinas each night, but this one was way off  of Lake Michigan.  There were only 3 boats in the whole marina, and they were offering a free night if you paid for 2 nights.  We decided to pass after just one night and moved on.

 (Lighthouse into Whitehall)
Today (Tuesday) we left Whitehall at 0940 because we were waiting for weather reports.  1-3's were predicted, but by the time we arrived in Grand Haven, the waves were at least 4's and some 5's.  Because we had winds from the south, we had to go past the entrance to the harbor and enter from the south to avoid beam seas. Yes,  I'm still docking the boat...this routine has worked well for us.  One of the harbor personnel came back to the boat several hours after we docked and complimented me on my "boat handling" while docking. He said they don't see many women at the helm.   At least I haven't run into any docks!!  Some photos are attached.

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