Tuesday, August 23, 2011

still waiting

The Cummins "expert" came yesterday to work on the Vessel View...learned he didn't have the right diagnostic equipment and promised to return with it on Wed or Thursday.  Fortunately, the weather would have delayed us anyway.  Small craft warnings for Traverse Bay today and tomorrow with high winds and big waves.  The inverter has not worked at all.  Both Ron and Ryan (from Bay Breeze) worked on it yesterday, to no avail.  This morning Ron was able to fix it (Woo Hoo!)....the output connections were not wired properly.  The generator turns on, but has not provided power.  That's Ron's next project. 
Now that we are without a car, we are at the mercy of our legs, our bicycles, or the dingy for transportation.  None of them will take us to distant stores for groceries, laundry, parts, etc.  Jay, the Bay Breeze owner, has offered us a car later today.  Hoping and praying for boat repairs to be completed SOON!

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