Friday, August 19, 2011

work day yesterday

The electronics were completed yesterday and the Weaver Davits were installed on the swim step.  That means that the Portland Pudgy is now attached to our boat.  You engineers viewing this blog would love the daily challenges.  We now need a way to raise the Pudgy out of the water and onto the swim step.  This has involved many sleepless hours for Ron as he contemplates solutions.  Duke and I left the great minds yesterday and went for a long walk through a charming area of old homes here in Traverse City.  We've also rented several videos to occupy our time.  Yes, we have a TV on the boat that drops down out of the ceiling.  The only remaining work to be completed is some warranty work on the Cummins Vessel View.  We've been promised a Monday service call.  The weather here is clear, breezy and in the low 80's.  It will be perfect for the Traverse City Wine and Art Festival on Saturday. 

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