Friday, April 20, 2012

Anchorage marina to Del Rey Beach

4/17/12 Miami rose out of the turquoise water, inching slowly higher with each mile we traveled.  A few boats accompanied us across Biscayne Bay.  With auto pilot steering us, boredom set in and we sought other things to occupy our time.  I read and Ron studied the charts.  An occasional crabpot readed its ugly head to keep us awake.  We finally arrived at Palm Bay Club and Marina just north of Miami.  This harbor was a was windy and we were all the way down the north harbor.  They would only rent us a 40 or 60 foot slip, and of course pay for the footage of the dock, not the boat.  The marina was OK, but kelp floating on the water really clogged the entire marina. 
4/18/12  We left Palm Bay Club and headed north.  We were able to get under all but 5 bridges by putting our antenna down, but some of the lower bridge heights were incorrect in the Waterway Guide.  We were at low tide, and the actual height of the bridges was off by at least 3 feet.   We entered the harbor at Delray Harbor Club about 1400.  They placed us between two "Burgers" that are over 70 feet in length.

Little Adagio between BIG BOATS

 There are also condominiums in front of the boat, so we are really tucked in here.  Ron's cousin, Denise and husband Bill joined us for dinner at Banana Boat in DelRey Beach. We had a good time catching up, since we had not seen them since 1998. 
4/19/12  We decided to stay another night at this marina.  They have a nice pool and shopping close by.

Delray Beach

Who's having fun?

 After getting groceries, we were able to spend some time soaking up the sun.  Tonight, Ron's cousin, Jimmy is supposed to join us.
Ron and Cousin Jimmy

 We plan to take off in the morning as long as the predicted storms aren't too bad.  We will head for Jupiter on Saturday.

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  1. Ron and Jan, I've been following your blog, if not religiously, then pretty close to it. Thank you for sharing your journey. It's more than a vicarious thrill.