Monday, April 16, 2012

Key west to plantation key

4/12/12. We departed from Key West early, hoping to find calm seas. We had a very smooth ride to Marathon where we fueled up and got a slip at Marathon Marina. We chose that marina because it had the cheapest fuel which was discounted further if you stayed for the night. This place had a beautiful pool overlooking the Atlantic, but we were the only ones using it. The restaurant next door looked casual, so we decided to have dinner there. This place recommended reservations, but gave us a table anyway. Prices here were high, but the food was good.
4/13/12. We left via the Gulf side. From Marathon to Plantation Key was the smoothest ride and the most beautiful turquoise water we'd ever seen. Crab pots appeared late in the day. We pulled off the intracoastal into Mangrove Marina. We've been here 4 days because of very windy conditions. There are many liveaboards here, and they have been very friendly. Each evening they get together around 5pm for drinks. On Friday, they invited us to a potluck with burgers and brats. We've met some very interesting people. A couple from Michigan make and sell Volcano Sauce.  One lady, Jo, is a retired executive who now writes mystery books. Three have been published. Her husband, John, had an accident in February. He fell off the dock and drowned, but was resuscitated and flown to Miami where he spent 5 days in a coma. Jo said she had a talk with God and knew from day one that he was going to recover even though the doctors said it was unlikely. He did recover without any evidence of complications. There is another young man here who served in Kuwait. He lost his arm and most of his face from an encounter with an IED. He's had 44 surgeries and is still very disfigured. He says more surgeries were recommended, but he is happy with his current status, so he has declined. He receives only $800 per month for his military service....and has sacrificed a lot!
Church Sunday was at "San Pedro".  The keyboard player/singer was fantastic.  She had a very strong female voice and was backed by only 2 other singers.  The priest was very funny.  He had a great sense of humor.
This small marina has shown great hospitality. Tomorrow we head for Miami.

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