Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oh Canada!

Because storms were predicted for today and tomorrow, we left Treadwell Marina early.
Treadwell Bay Marina

rails in center are for dock cart
As soon as we were on Lake Champlain, we heard a securite' for mariners warning about 2 to 3 foot seas.  It was quite beamy for about 20 minutes, but when we turned north, we had a following sea and it was a smooth ride.  Although very windy and hot, we arrived at the Canadian Customs office with no problems.  The office is nothing more than a small dock and building.  Daybreak checked in first and we were glad they did because we were able to see how they handled the windy dockage. 

While Ron checked us in by presenting our passports and records of Duke's immunizations, Duke and I took a brief walk.  The only question asked of us was,  "Do you have any weapons or mace on board".  We've been told that boaters are often asked how much alcohol they have on board.  Apparently, Canadian liquor is much more expensive and some people transport alcohol for sale to Canadians.
We arrived in St. Jean just before the storms.  It was very hot, but the storms brought cooler weather.
 While in St. Jean we rode our bikes to a specialty grocery mall 20 minutes away.  There was a cheese store, a fish store, a produce store, a meat market, etc.  We attended Saturday mass
 and then went out to dinner at an Irish restaurant.  On the way we passed a park with several neat sculptures. 
Art imitation life?

On the way back from dinner, we found an outdoor restaurant that was playing 1960s and 1970s rock and roll, so we stopped to listen.
Later, we passed a park where speakers were set up playing Latin music and many locals were there dancing. 

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