Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Ron and Kenny took an early morning bike ride to scope out the city.  They found the visitors center where we purchased passes for the gray line buses.  $50 each for a two day pass seemed to be a good deal since we were able to hop on/hop off at will. 
Pix from the bus:
Latin Quarter / Tour bus
Chihuly glass-Art Museum
downtown Montreal

St. Joseph's on Mont Royal

bike rental stations

There are 3.5 million people in this city. According to our tour guide, 69% of the people live in apartments.  A strong Catholic heritage eroded during the 1960's and many churches in this provence have been sold and the land has been transformed into shopping centers and condos.  From what we've seen when attending masses, the pews are filled primarily with older young families. 

Although Montreal is a lovely city, we fell in love with Quebec City and its charm.

Tonight we will be treated to another fireworks display from the bridge adjacent to the Montreal Yacht Club where we are staying.  There is a competition between countries to put on the best fireworks show.  Tonight's is sponsored by Italy.  Although we won't be here on Saturday, that is the grand finale and announcement of the winning country. 

 The fireworks were the best I've ever seen.  Thousands of people lined the shore and filled the bridge  to watch  the most unusual ground displays and aerial cascades.  The Italians did a great job.  I wonder if they will win the contest.

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