Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Still in Kingston!

This is the beginning of our second week in Kingston.  Linda and Eddy just completed their third week here.

 Cindy and Mike have been here almost as long. 

A couple of days ago, I wrote some lyrics to the tune I'll Fly Away that describe our dilemma. We sang it at docktails accompanied by my dulcimer.  Our version is below:

Song:  Can’t Sail Away  (lyrics by Jan Matuska)                    (tune is I’ll Fly away)
Verse 1:
We are stuck in Kingston town New York…
And can’t sail away.
‘Cause the Erie Locks are all closed down…
Can’t sail away.

When will the Erie open
We just can’t say
But for now, Loopers sit upon their bow…
Can’t sail away.

Verse 2:
Heard lock 12 is just a royal mess
Won’t open soon
We’re stuck here it seems about a year
But it’s only June.


Verse 3:
Good news Loopers---party on the dock
Can’t sail away.
We’ll drink beer, Hallelujah we are here
Can’t sail away.


Verse 4:
Canal is open? What is that you say?
We’ll sail away.
Goodbye good friends..’til we see you round the bend
On another day.


Because the Erie is unlikely to open for a few more weeks due to debris and damage to the locks,

 we've decided to take Lake Champlain to Canada.  It is currently the only option for loopers, but will certainly create a time crunch for those who are going on to Michigan and down the rivers.  Since we had decided to only do a small loop through NY and Canada this year, it has only changed our direction, not our destination.  We will, however, be fighting some strong currents.  Some loopers cannot use the Champlain route because their height is above 17 feet.  Ron picked a really good looper boat when you consider that we can get under almost all bridges (our max height is 14 feet). Ken and Jeanne will probably go the same route we are taking.
Jeanne (a talented French Horn player)

We fill our time with walks, bus rides, breakfasts, docktails, potlucks and movies in the barn.  (food is a central theme)

Once we finally leave here, we will be sad to leave our boater friends, some of whom are going south rather than into Canada.   

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