Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Waterford Visitor Center

On our way from Shady Harbor toWaterford, we passed Cindy and Mike in their sailboat.  Although their max speed is 5 knots, the current was slowing them (and us) down. 
We locked through the Federal lock with Schiffli and Daybreak (no waiting but strong current in the lock).  This was Daybreak's first lock on the loop. This lock had a pipe (not a bollard) which we wrapped our line around for the ride up.
Shortly after this lock, we arrived in Waterford at the free dock (the only charge is $10 for electric per night).  We had a celebratory (first lock completion) dinner at McGreivey's with Jeanne and Kenny.
The weather service is predicting thunderstorms and possible tornadoes today, so we are waiting until tomorrow to head up the Champlain Canal. 

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  1. Ah, you decided on the Champlain Canal. Excellent. You'll love it. Free dock at Fort Edward.

    I've read on other blogs that Lake Champlain is facing record floods, again. If conditions allow, be sure to do Otter Creek and Vergiennes. Porter Bay is near the entrance and a good anchorage.