Thursday, August 1, 2013

Montreal - Marche Atwater & Jardin Botanique

Today we bought day passes for the Metro.  Only $9.00, an even better deal when you pick the wrong stop and have to get back on.  The market was filled with stalls and shops with fresh produce and meats.  Bought lunch & a bagette for later.  Then it was on to the Jardin Botanical Gardens.  Featured now are the 'living' mosaicultures throughout the gardens, some are really extraordinary.


 Before we could finish the rain came down hard and we retreated to the exhibition greenhouses.

After much walking, we retreated to the boat for naps.  Kenny found the dinner spot for us for this evening in Little Italy..Corneli's...which turned out to be a great choice.  We took the Metro and then walked about 15 blocks.  Both the Metro and the neighborhoods seem to be safe at night.  Many people are still walking and biking late into the evening.  We asked the waitress how far it was to Frank's (our friend from Florida) and she googled his address and said it was about 20 minutes from the restaurant.  There were many couples dancing in the park near the restaurant.  Sorry we missed Frank who is back in FL for a couple of weeks.  We learned from Becky that he lives very near the Olympic stadium and the Botannical Gardens.

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