Sunday, August 11, 2013

Leaving Ottawa


We headed for the 9am bridge opening and the first of eight locks.  The Rideau is a narrow river with residences on both sides---quiet, peaceful and rural.  Hurst Marina turned out to have showers, water, electricity and laundry---all of which had been absent for the past week of tying up to lock or town walls.  The weather has been, crisp evenings and warm sunny days.

After one of the locks, we tied up and walked into town for groceries.  A huge kayak race was taking place on the river at the kayak club.

The entire Rideau has 49 locks from Ottawa to Kingston.  Kenny and Jeanne have really gotten good at the locking process....their first was only a month ago.

Tonight....haircuts for Ron and Kenny.  I think I've found a new profession.  They both look much better:)

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