Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sacketts Harbor, NY to Minetto, NY 8/25/13

Since we couldn't get reservations last night at Tin Pan Galley, we opted for breakfast there today.  Kenny got the single stuffed French toast which looked like a huge dessert.  Jeanne and I had huevos rancheros, and Ron settled on the breakfast sandwich.  Great food!

We knew bad weather was predicted for tonight so we wanted to cross Lake Ontario while things were relatively calm.  We were bounced around a little with 1-2 footers, but the water calmed down as we approached Oswego.

Tugboat "Frances", his barges came from Trois Riveries, Quebec

  We passed through 4 locks on the Oswego Canal and arrived at a town dock in Minetto.  This dock had room for two boats and also offered electricity.  Although there is no official fee for tying up here, they ask for a donation.  As we were pulling in to this small dock, there was a couple sitting there fishing.  It was obvious that I needed to pull up to the cleat where they were sitting, but they were not moving!! 

Tonight after dinner on the boats, we walked to Stewarts for a few groceries.  When we got back we said some tentative goodbyes to Jeanne and Kenny who will head back toward the Chesapeake soon. 

Do you remember The Twilight Zone TV show?  If you do.....start humming the theme song......
"Imagine, if you will, living in a house where you wake up every morning with different streets, different stores, and different neighbors. (Cruising is like this)  Every day is different.  But your favorite neighbors are always there to share the strange new settings with you.  Then one day, your favorite neighbors disappear ....gone forever. " So what do you do?  You write a song about them:

Jeanne & Kenny’s song     tune: ( Auld Lang Syne)

When friends depart and leave the cruise
They’ll be forever missed
The time we spent together
Really made our bucket list

You made our trip a special time
Our meeting seemed like fate
We met in Kingston (town) New York
Cause the Erie opened late

 One day you needed groceries
We drove you there by car
As soon as we got to your boat
I dropped your syrup jar

We shared good times
Became good friends
The food and wine were great
We hope to see you both again
Real soon, let’s set a date!

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  1. Thanks for having us along on this incredible journey! We've learned so much from you. It's been like traveling with the Coast Guard. Glad you didn't ditch us when you had a chance:-)
    We treasure our new friendship. You were the best traveling buddies imaginable! This is the end of this chapter of our travels, but we're sure we'll meet again.