Sunday, August 11, 2013

Heading for Ottawa

We left St. Anne de Bellevue and entered the St. Anne lock with several other boats. 

A few miles upriver, we approached and then entered the huge Carillon Lock which is 60 feet high. 

We found a very small marina for a $25 pumpout--they charge a fortune here in Canada---in the states it's usually a $5  or $10 charge. 
We arrived in Hawkesbury Confederation Park where there is free dockage.  Most of the spots were taken by small boats.  We chose a spot on the end and people started yelling to us in French.  Someone finally said "rock", so we circled and reapproached  the wall.  The other boaters were nice enough to move their boats together so that Kenny and Jeanne could find room.
This big boy on the dock wall was huge

 After a short tour of the visitors' center, we cooked dinner and headed off to bed. 

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