Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Smith Falls to Westport


It was raining, but we left Smith Falls and headed for Perth—7 miles up the river.  At one of the locks, we met Emily, a lock worker who was celebrating her 19th birthday today.  Nineteen is the legal drinking age in Canada…as noted by one of her co-workers.  Emily is a second year nursing student who hopes to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. 
Happy Birthday, Emily

Just after the lock, we saw 30 kayaks traveling from Kingston, Ontario to Ottawa on a fund-raising  trip for the Cancer Society. 

After 2 locks, we headed in to the Perth Channel to wait for the Perth lock.  As we prepared to tie up on the blue line, we noticed the boat, Ookpik (Bruce and Karen) with whom we spent several days on the Tennessee River two years ago. 
Bruce (in red)

They plan to meet Salty Paws (another boat from our Tennessee River trip) in Waterford and then head for the Bahamas.  Salty Paws owners have traded their small boat for a big PDQ catamaran.  We decided to head for Westport and arrived there midafternoon.  We toured the quaint town and bought ice cream before heading back to the boat.  While walking the dock, we saw another boat from our long stay in Kingston, NY. Maureen and Peter on  Duddon Pilot are here, too./


  1. Thanks for the picture from my birthday :) It did manage to stop raining, wishing you safe travels and many new adventures.
    Emily- Birthday girl from Poonamalie

  2. It's great to hear names of boats and friends that we, too, had traveled with (Ookpik, Salty Paws and Duddon Pilot)!! It brings back many memories of our travels, thanks for the update!
    Bob and Lynda
    aboard Erika Lin, Mystic, CT