Monday, May 15, 2017

5/15/17 Atlantic Yacht Basin to Ocean Yacht Marina, Portsmouth, VA

Ron saw Susan (SuzyQ-the boat struck by the barge a few days ago) this morning.  Her boat was on a trailer and she and her brother were getting ready to pull it back to Tampa.  She has found another boat.  Her plan is to go up river and wait for the next set of loopers to come south.  What a brave lady!

We had a very short day of 11 miles on the water.  The one lock today allowed several of us on pleasure craft to lock through with a barge.

We are always amazed by the naval presence...aircraft carriers, assault landing carriers, and military planes.

This was an unusual tow.

We were greeted at the marina by our friends from Racine, WI, Nancy and Carey Cook.  They have a 37 foot Nordic Tug.

We joined them and another couple, Tom and  Vicki for dinner in Norfolk across the Elizabeth River.  Took the ferry over and back.

 During the evening, we discussed where they had lived and worked.  Vicki had worked for Dana Corp in Toledo.  I mentioned that my former brother-in-law had worked there.  She asked his name (Jim Ketchmark) and she told me that he was her boss.  Small world!

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