Thursday, May 18, 2017

5/16/17 - 5/18/17 Ports mouth to Solomons

5/16  Portsmouth to Deltaville
Perfectly calm conditions made this 55 mile ride perfect.

Carey and Nancy split off to an anchorage and we went to Doziers, one of my favorite marinas.  Once we were docked, a couple came up and introduced themselves.  We had met Maurice and Rene in Trios Riviere, Quebec in 2013.  They had translated a Canadian Coast Guard presentation for us.  It was great to see them again.  They told us we were the reason they are doing the loop (and had even voted for us for Harbor Hosts of the year).

They were at Doziers attending the Monk (boat) Rendezvous. There were only 8 Monk boats in attendance.  We were invited to their happy hour.

5/17  Deltaville to Solomons
Today was beautiful, too.  Waves were 1-2 following seas so we had a nice ride (63 miles).  Our chart plotter went out, so all navigation was done manually.  Ron spent a long time on the phone with tech support but our problem was still unresolved when we docked for the night at Calvert Marina in Solomons.
Duke and Ron got some much needed rest at 5:57pm.

The people running this marina are exceptionally nice. We walked to a nearby restaurant on the water for dinner. Our plan was to leave in the morning, but there is a small craft advisory, so we will wait one more day.

5/18  The loopers on the boat behind ours (Neverland) are from Tarpon Springs, FL about 12 miles from our house.  We met in Tarpon several months ago at their spice store.

Ron worked diligently on resolving the chart plotter issue, which he thinks is now fixed.  There was a wiring problem between the chart plotter and NMEA2000.

I found a tick on my leg today.  We will have to watch Duke closely now.

The courtesy car here is a old Mercedes wirh no A/C, windows that don't work, and inoperable seat belts,  but it got us to the grocery store and back.

We are leaving tomorrow for Rock Hall.

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