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5/21-5/31,2017 Chesapeake City to New Gretna, NJ

5/21  2nd Day Chesapeake City

Former  student Ken Lutz, wife Laurie and daughter Aubrey came to visit us from D.C., at least a four hour drive.  Lt. Collins Ken Lutz works in DC for the office of the Surgeon General.  His jobs have always been in the medical field.  He actually joined the military while still in my Health Occupations class at Pekin High (1994).  They pulled their camper, hoping to go to a nearby campground.  It was full, so they went to Havre De Grace, about 45 minutes away.  We met for lunch and a tour of our boat.  Thank you so much for your visit!  It was great to see you!!!!

 We left mid-afternoon for Delaware City, only 14 miles away.  Apparently a lot of boats moved today  when we arrived, we were told we were 7th boat in line for docking which left us on the river in strong winds.

Once we arrived, and did a starboard tie, the dock hands turned the boat (with no assist from the engine which was off) using only the current to assist them.

Foster and Susan Schucker were on the dock greeting loopers.  They joined us on board for cocktails.

Alex and Andre were docked right in front of us., and there were many looper boats on the dock.

5/22  Still here.  After last night's briefing by Tim, the dockmaster, all but Alex and Andre decided to wait out the weather.  Tim changes the fee to $1 per foot if you have to stay due to weather.  Alex reported that Delaware Bay was not as bad as predicted.

Susan and Foster treated us to dinner at a local restaurant.

5/23  Heading for Delaware Bay
Ten boats departed starting at 0815.

The first 5 1/2 hours wind and waves were good.  It became a bit bumpy the last couple of hours.  We only passed one ship on the way.

We had a reservation at Utsch's but the others could not get reservations there so most went to Canyon Club which is $3 per foot, which is a dollar more per foot than Utsch's.

 Our slip was one of those short fingers 2 here you have to back in and you have to lasso the poles.  I did it perfectly the first time, just as the dock hand yelled, "We don't do it that way here". So I removed my lasso and put it through the metal handle.

 The dock we were on was about as far as you could get from the restroom, office and dog walking area.  Apparently the marina was getting lots of boats in for a fishing tourney.

Denise and Brian drove down from Little Egg Harbor and met us for dinner.  Great to see them again.

5/24, 5/25, 5/27  The weather was bad so we stayed put. Herb Seaton, AGLCA Harbor Host of the Year, left and realized it was too rough.  On his return to the marina, the wind was so strong that he ran into Red 16 and damaged the roof support and antenna on his boat.  A temporary support was added so that he could travel.

Duke was really curious about the crab pot full of crabs on the dock.

The new harbor hosts made their vehicle available, so we took it to their restaurant, FishCakes.

5/27 Saturday,  Memorial Day Weekend
Our preference is to never travel on a holiday weekend, but the weather finally improved enough for an outside run to Atlantic City.

  It was almost perfect.  Swells with a period of 6 seconds and light winds.  There was minimal boat traffic until we entered Absecon Inlet at Atlantic City.  The rest of the way to New Gretna was on the ICW.  At one point, we heard a securite' to the c
Coast Guard warning of fishing boats blocking the channel.  Within a mile, we also saw 12 boats fishing in the channel.  They did not want to move even though they saw our large boat coming at them.  We couldn't go out of the channel due to very shallow water. They moved under duress!

5/28-5/30  Time was spent with family and catching up on chores.  We attended St. Theresa where cousin Theresa served as cantor and Ron was one of the ushers.  Thanks to Brian and Denise for meals, the loan of a car and a ride to pick up our rental car.  Priceless!

Here is a Seinfeld flashback:

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