Wednesday, May 10, 2017

5/8-5/10, 2017 New Bern to Alligator River

5/8  Marty, the diver, came early and found the missing rail within 10 minutes.  It had blown off our boat and was found in the water on the far side of the boat next to us.  Marty told us he had 6 ex-wives and 16 kids. He was not sure how many grandkids he had.

After reinstalling the rail, we took off for Oriental.  We stayed on the free power, but that wasn't a problem.

We desperately needed a run to the grocery store.  A few years ago, Walmart caused the small grocery store to close.  Then, a couple of years later, Walmart pulled out.  Fortunately, a really motivated guy who owned a Piggy Wiggly in a nearby town came to the rescue.  He has renevated it, upgraded their food offerings and instituted a van which will pick up and return boaters if they make at least a $60.00 purchase.  We took advantage of the ride.  When we got to the store, the owner came up, welcomed us, and assisted us throughout the store.  He said the van was his wife's idea.  Ron walked from the grocery store to West Marine to buy an American Flag.  Ours had gotten ripped up in the high winds.

I also visited Marsha's Cottage, one of Ann Shanley's and my favorite clothing stores.  The building is for sale, so the owner doesn't know what the future holds for her shop.

5/9  Oriental to Dowry Creek

We were passed by a 115 foot pleasure craft.  Quite a sight to see.

 We stopped at R. E. Mayo for fresh seafood.  The scallops had just come in and had not been frozen.  We pulled in to Dowry Creek midday and borrowed their loaner car to drive 8 miles to town for the milk we forgot to buy in Oriental.  We stayed at Dowry Creek Marina 5 years ago.  Very nice marina for a small off the channel place.

5/10  Dowry Creek to Alligator River.  We got another early start and arrived midday.  Most of the trip today was on miles and miles of a man made cut.  The winds were nonexistent and the water flat.  There were at least 20 boats traveling the same route....all heading for Coinjock.  We are not going to cross Albemarle Sound until tomorrow.  Maybe Coinjock will clear out some of those boats before we get there.

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