Thursday, August 14, 2014

8/14/14 Algoma to Manitowoc

Gentlemen:  "Start your engines", but NOT AT 4 A.M!  Yes, this fishing mecca evacuates to go fishing between 4 and5 a.m.  Luckily, we were the only ones sleeping on a boat in the harbor, and yes, it did wake us up. 
Where did those boats go?

The winds and waves today were slow, rolling swells on the stern, so we had a wonderful ride along the coast.  A few miles offshore, however, threes to fives with some sevens were predicted.  I am so glad we have already crossed the lake!

We have been to Manitowoc many times by car and once by boat about 12 years ago.  Little has changed in this quiet town.


  The two main attractions are the Badger ferry which travels between here and Luddington, MI,

and the submarine that can be toured.  Many subs were built here during WWII. 


After a short walk to town (about 1/4 mile), we returned to the boat for naps.  We miss the loopers who are across the pond in Michigan. 

We walked a few blocks to Maretti's Deli for dinner.  This is primarily a takeout Italian place, but they have a few tables for dining in.  The pasta dishes were very good, reasonably priced and close to the marina.

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