Friday, August 8, 2014

8/7/14 to North Port Marina (Traverse Bay) to Fayette, Michigan

We arose early ( for Matuska time) at 0530 so we could get underway at sunrise. 

The waves were predicted to be 1-2s and that was right on the mark.  Although we had beamy seas the whole way, it was a pleasant ride (except for Duke). When the waters rock us back and forth, he gets very anxious.  We have a life jacket which seems to give him some security by the pressure on his body.  He also has a prescribed antihistamine that seems to make him sleepy.

After dodging a few fishing areas, we entered the harbor at Fayette, 9 hours after leaving North Port.  It is a naturally protected harbor with only one long dock.  We were in luck, because there was a space behind a large boat that we were able to fit in. 

Fayette was an industrial community that manufactured charcoal pig iron between 1867 and 1891. It is now a historical living museum and state park.  Dock fees are .75 cents per foot....but there is no power available.  Ron and I had visited this area on our previous boat about 12 years ago, so we didn't go through the buildings on the site this time. 

Early evening, a 42 foot trawler came in and wanted everyone on the dock to move to accommodate him.  The boats at our end of the dock were willing and moved closer together.  There were several small boats at the other end of the dock, and one not so nice guy said he was 'f....." not moving.  After some angry words and threats, he moved a little bit.  Finally everyone on the dock adjusted just enough so that the trawler fit in.  The trawler owner, a gold looper, was not appreciative or friendly.  He didn't give gold loopers a good name!

We dined on the boat and turned in early.

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