Saturday, August 16, 2014

8/16/14 Sheboygan to Port Washington

After checking the weather this morning, we decided to make a run for Port Washington.  The winds were over 20 mph, but they were from the SW, so there wasn't much fetch.  Duke thought it was way too bumpy, but it wasn't bad.  As long as I can read while we are underway, it's tolerable. 

Since we were here last (12 years ago), the marina has undergone a big renovation.  They took out some very high fixed docks and replaced them with floating docks.  We stopped at the fuel dock, filled up with diesel ($3.57/gal, the cheapest we've seen this year) and got a free pump out.  Our slip is narrow and it made docking a bit of a challenge,  but we are close to shore for Duke and close to the restroom/shower/laundry facilities.

After dinner on board, all three of us took a walk around town, just before the front moved in from the north.  The winds were calm, and all of a sudden, strong winds were blowing.  We are meeting Jeanne and Dennis for dinner while we are here.  The weather Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday look good.   

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