Tuesday, June 23, 2015

6/24/15 St. Joseph, MI to Saugatuck, MI

We left St. Joseph at 0710.  Now that we are in the Eastern Time Zone,  it doesn't get dark until nearly 10pm.   Because we left so early, I took a nap.  Late morning, Ron decided to take a nap and that left me at the helm. About 15 minutes into my watch, I saw a boat on radar a mile behind us on the starboard side. This was a big boat moving fast. He was coming closer and closer to us but was not changing course. I decided to wake Ron.  By the time Ron came to the helm, this yahoo was within shouting distance.  Ron yelled, "What the hell are you doing".  There was a couple in the fly bridge and a man in the helm below.  It was difficult to see who was really driving the boat.  The guy down below yelled, "GO AHEAD".  Although he was clearly going to run in to us if we didn't change course.  We pulled back on the throttle and he cut right in front of us.  This guy clearly had never taken a safe boating class.  All of Lake Michigan was available and he refused to change course!! (Watch out for INTRIGUE, from Saugatuck, MI.)

Ron and I are so thankful that we left Peoria and came upriver June 6th.  Otherwise, we would still be stuck due to the high water and closures of the river and locks. 

We pulled in to the Singapore Yacht Club early in the afternoon.  This club charges $3.00 per foot, but it is in a great location for downtown shopping.  After walking up and down the main thoroughfare, we went back to the boat for dinner.  There was a free jazz concert in the park, so we took Duke and had an enjoyable evening.  (Ice cream for dessert, of course).

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