Tuesday, June 9, 2015

6/8/2015 LaSalle Peru to Joliet


tie up for the night outside Joliet
0800 departure took us up river.  The weather was nice until late afternoon when thunderstorms threatened but remained north of us.  We negotiated the first three locks with no wait which is a very rare occurrence on the Illinois River.  Late afternoon we arrived at Brandon Road Lock and were told a minimum three hour wait.  That would have placed us in the lock after dark. We had no good place to tie up, but we saw a drainage wall with some metal fence posts and decided to take a chance.  It was the only place we could get Duke off the boat, although the gravel tumbled from the structure with each footstep.  As soon as we tied up, we got a call from our Credit Card company.  Someone in Great Britain had charged $600 on our card.  The CC company promptly canceled our card and is sending us a new one.  (A glass half empty or a glass half full day?)
home along the river
in the lock


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