Thursday, June 25, 2015

6/25/15 Saugatuck to White Lake

Ron was planning for a breakfast of  cinnamon rolls from a downtown restaurant, so after walking Duke, he headed downtown.  He brought back 1 cinnamon roll for me, but he had stayed for their $5.00 breakfast.  The sinfully cinnamon roll probably contained 1000 calories!!

The forecast today was for 30 mph winds out of the east, but when we left, it was dead calm and remained that way all day.  Only a few fishing boats were sighted during the 55 mile trip.  We are at White Hall Yacht Club on White Lake.  This area was hit by severe storms just a few days ago as was evidenced by some debris in the water.  In order to walk a dog here, they ask you to climb a big "heart attack" hill. 

Snacks and sandwiches are available in their club.  In order to stay here, you have to prove that you belong to a boat club with reciprocity. 

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