Friday, July 17, 2015

7/13/15 GLCC Rendezvous day 1

This group puts on a really good continental breakfast.  I can feel the pounds on my body!!  Each morning, both the Canadian and American National Anthems are sung over channel 78 and announcements are made for the group.  I was so into the breakfast, that I missed the starting time of the 2 mile walk, so I headed for the trail on my own.  After about a mile, I finally caught up with the group of several women walkers and one dog.  It is great that they include physical activity in this rendezvous. 

Ron visited the Ship's Store and suggested that I go and check out the computer bag (which I bought).  It is very nice, fully padded and holds my new computer, our I-pad and our new tablet.  I was using a flimsy bag not intended for computer storage, so this was a real upgrade.

For the evening venue, a school bus provided transportation to Water's Edge, a restaurant in bankruptcy which was allowed to remain open for our events.  At tonight's event (the Commodore's reception/ heavy hors d'oeuvres) first time rendezvous attendees (10 couples) were photographed.   We sat on the patio because of the warm, sunny weather.  Frank, currently a Florida resident, spoke about being one of two survivors of the 1958 shipwreck on Lake Michigan.  Most of the men who died were from this small town of Rogers City.  A documentary called November Requiem was made of this shipwreck and tomorrow there will be a special showing for us at the local theater.

Although the bus was available, Ron and I opted to return to the  marina on foot.  Nice evening!

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