Friday, July 31, 2015

7/29/15 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

If you've traveled with me (Jeanne and Kenny Beach especially), you know that I am not crazy about museums.  I believe that I don't like them because my learning style (auditory) is not addressed in most of them.  They are designed for visual people.  That was true until I found the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I LOVED IT!!   This museum was designed with a sequential theme and then focused on individual musicians.  We especially enjoyed the special exhibition on Paul Simon.

  We had attended one of his concerts years ago in Peoria.

Found some familiar instruments at the R & R Hall of Fame:  bowed psaltry and autoharp.


 We actually spent 6 hours there and I wasn't ready to leave!  We did take a quick break for lunch at the marina public square and it was very good.  We again tried to get Duke to go for a walk but he refused!  What a dog!!

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