Saturday, July 11, 2015

7/8/15 GLCC Rally

The wind finally laid down today and it was sunny and pleasant.  Today's events included a continental breakfast and an afternoon get-together at Tom and Barbara Lyon's (event hosts).

 They have a home on Traverse Bay which they built.  Not only was there food and drink at their party, they hired a musical group to play for us.  "Just Jammin" had a hammered dulcimer, two guitars, a bass and a mandolin. 

Later in the evening most of us walked downtown to "Wednesday on Main Street", a very nice family-oriented event.  Ron and I decided for a second day to have ribs from TJ Charlies.

The Elk Rapids Marina is 5 star as far as we are concerned.  The dock staff was terrific.  They ran  to help boaters who were docking and refused to take tips.  They did have a pizza fund in the office to which you could contribute.  The bathrooms were large and immaculate.  The shower stalls were individual rooms and there were many of them.  They even had fresh flowers each day in the men's and women's bathrooms. 

I met Alice Smith, a former teacher from Addison High School, at the event.

 She was a Family/Consumer Science teacher like some of my former colleagues from Pekin High.  Marge Smalley and Deb Albers didn't remember meeting her at any of the FHA-HERO state events though.

We will miss the people we met here, but some will be at Rogers City at the Rendezvous in a few days./

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