Friday, July 31, 2015

7/31/15 Cleveland to Geneva on the Lake State Park

This 45 mile trip began at 7am.  We had hoped that an early departure would give us calmer seas.  Once we were out of the area protected by the seawall, it was rough.  Waves ran about 3-4 feet with following seas.  For those of you who are boaters, you know that following seas twist the boat back and forth and cause you to ride up the wave slowly and down fairly fast.  We were grateful that this was not a beamy ride, though.

Shortly before entering the harbor at Geneva, our rudder angle sensor seemed to stop working.  Ron took it off "navigate" and seemed to gain some manual control.  The hard part was entering the harbor with beamy seas and limited steering.   Once in the marina, the steering seemed to return to normal.

We decided to walk into town for dinner.  The marina staff said it was 3/4 mile, but it was more like 1 to 1 1/4 miles by the time we reached Mary's Kitchen.  By the time we left, there were 15 people waiting outside for seating. 

We are on the outside wall in the marina without power.  $45 is the fee even though power was not available in this slip.  There are several boat clubs coming in for the weekend, so we cannot stay more than one night.  Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow.

We were in bed early, getting ready for that early departure at 0600.  Apparently others at the marina are on different schedules.  Our boat was next to a metal bridge which connected the land to the marina wall.  Each time someone walked on it, the sound was a very loud bam, bam, bam.  People were still returning to the marina (and walking across the bridge at 2:30 am).  About 3am we finally got to sleep, but were up at 0500. 

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