Friday, August 14, 2015

8/12/15 Fairport to Newark, NY

The temp today was cool and we had some rain.  Newark was recommended to us by several people, for good reason.  This has been the friendliest reception we've had.  The dockmaster came out to greet us and invited us to the office when it was convenient for us.  They have free dockage along the town wall and free laundry, nice restrooms and showers in the dock master’s office building.  Outside the dock master’s office, there are a number of trompe-l'oeil paintings (deceiving the eye by optical illusion) about the history of the canal.

One of the boats along the wall belonged to Gold Loopers Flint and Leslie Firestone, who now own a trailer-able boat called Grace Full. Their plan was to head for Thousand Islands.

We walked in to town looking for a post office.  Nearby we found an interesting restaurant and decided to have dinner. 

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