Tuesday, August 4, 2015

8/3/15 Still in Erie

Duke started displaying symptoms of an ear infection, so we rented a car, got the name of a vet from a marina worker and headed off for treatment.  In nearby Waterford, PA (1/2 hour away), we found a very nice veterinary clinic.  Duke was treated by the female vet, whom we really liked.  She explained that his recurring symptoms are probably a result of allergies.  After examining the slide, she reported that he was infected with a "rod" bacteria.  He was given an injection of a steroid and also was prescribed an antibiotic flush. 

Since we had a car, we decided to stock up on groceries at WalMart. We later learned that the newer, better WalMart was not the one we visited.

 Erie seems to have a very depressed economy with many low income and homeless milling around the downtown area.  There are numerous hotels that have been converted to low income housing.  It is not an area I would want to visit at night. 

For dinner, we went to Smuggler's Wharf for sandwiches. 

We are still trying to figure out how to get the bimini we ordered from the a canvas shop in the state of Washington.  It was to have been delivered a month ago to Traverse City when we were actually nearby. Since a new Nordic Tug was being delivered to dealer Jay Kraft, the bimini was stored inside it (free shipping).  After many delays, it was actually shipped last week, but we found out today that the truck driver was arrested (unknown reasons) and a new truck driver is being flown to replace him.  So......Ron is renting a truck in Buffalo, driving back to Traverse City, picking up the bimini and returning to Buffalo.  And the saga continues!

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